artist bio

Kathy Stark

Kathy Stark , a native Floridian, graduated from Furman University with a BA in Studio Arts, and then attended the University of Florida for post-baccalaureate studies.Painting in both oils and watercolors, she enjoys focusing on larger than life subject matter from which she can create a window to the natural world through which the viewer has a heightened awareness of its beauty.

“My work is classically driven with a contemporary sense of composition and color. I work from nature, compositional sketches, studies, and my own color photographs taken while hiking and kayaking. Although realistic in approach, as I paint, transformations take place and the subject takes on a life of its own. The background veers toward abstraction, while the focus takes on a life of its own. The act of painting gives me a sense of joy, fun and even suspense.”

Stark’s work is collected both privately and corporately and has been shown in museums and galleries in the Southeast.

Phone: 904-704-1665


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